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In October of 1987 Longshanks no. 1 started rehearsing for the recording of the song Cycles & Circles. At that time only André Kamer's guitar part and the first draft of the vocals were written.
As André was not experienced enough to tell the other musicians what to play, they had to write their own parts themselves, in accordance with his concept. To their credit that worked out amazingly well and it resulted in some great parts, that elevated the entire song to a higher level (e.g. the guitar solo by Peter van Heijningen).

On saturday February 20th 1988 they spent the entire afternoon and part of the evening (from 14:00 until 21:00 hr.) in the Don Bosco Sound-Studio in Rijswijk (ZH) recording the individual tracks on a 16 track-recorder.
First they simultaneously recorded André's guitar track and the drumtrack by Rob Boshuijzen, leaving veteran recording technician Rob Rehorst (sadly departed, allas) to wonder what all of this was going to lead up to.
Next in line were Peter ten Haaft, Peter van Heijningen and Jan van der Lugt, after which Alex van de Graaf sang his part and André Kamer 'rapped' the choruses.
Finally the sound effects (birds, splash) were transfered to the mastertape.

The mixdown took place on the evening of thursday February 25th (from 19:30 tot 23:30 hr.) and left Rob Rehorst pleasantly surprised at the end product.
The song was released on cassette (in a very limited edition) and attracted a very favourable review in a magazine for symphonic rock (Sym-info no.14, Oct. 1988).

Afterwards they tried to convert the project into an actual rock band, with Jeroen Steenbeek replacing Peter van Heijningen, who was working on plans for a band of his own. These attempts failed in an early stage (due to differences in ambition and musical skills) and Longshanks no.1 fell apart. (read on)

Longshanks' first line-up (f.l.t.r.):
Peter van Heijningen - Solo guitar electric
Peter ten Haaft - Bass
André Kamer - Chorus guitar
Rob Boshuijzen - Drums
Jan van der Lugt - Solo guitar acoustic
Alex van de Graaf - Vocals

- Cycles & Circles (1988)

At the back of the Don Bosco-complex gear was lifted to the attic where the studio was.

Rob behind his miked-out drums in the gymnasium (the actual recording studio was behind him, with the control room to the left of it (out of sight)).