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In December of 2006 André Kamer suddenly (after 13 years) received a phonecall from Alex van de Graaf, which was followed by the official reunion on Februari 10th 2007 in Amersfoort, at which time Alex also introduced his wife Bregje Kaasjager.
In May of that year André started writing a new song, which he was able to present to Alex and Bregje on the 11th of August at their home. After some more delays, the recording of the vocals was set in motion on the day after Christmass 2007 and exactly one month later the vocal-mix landed in André's e-mailbox, that was to become the base for the final mix of the song "The Web of Life" (including contributions by Bregje).
That mixdown took place on the 23rd of February 2008, twenty years (almost to the day) after the mixdown of their first song "Cycles & Circles".


The line-up for Longshanks no. 5:

André Kamer - Chorus guitar, acoustic guitar, solo guitar, synthesizers, synth-drums

Alex van de Graaf - Vocals

Bregje Kaasjager - Vocals

- The Web of Life (2007-08)
- I have a Deam - 2008 (2008)
- All My Days (2008)
- Leave Me Alone (2009)
- The Travelling Song, part 3 (2009)
- The Wandering Merchant (2009)
- The Bath Song (2009)
- In the Desert (2009)
- In Dreams (2009)
- I Love the Road (2010)