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Welcome to the Longshanks website

Longshanks is a studio band, that records symphonic rock.
Since it was formed in 1987 the band has seen several configura-tions of musicians, which makes the current version mark 6.
For more details on this subject we refer to the History-pages.

After some years of laying low we currently are back in full swing (since November 2021), which amongst other things has resulted in the release of the new song "Alive" on May 5th 2022 (almost 35 years after the release of our first song "Cycles and Circles").
On April 24th 2010 we released the CD "The Return of Longshanks" (see also the intro movie to the right).
You can read more on the current Longshanks projects on the News-pages.
The Band members-pages will provide you not only with the current members' personalia, but also with behind the scenes info like the gear they use and the things that inspire them.
And ofcourse there is the music itself: you can find it on the Music-pages in the form of mp3's, lyrics, acompanying Artwork and various behind the scenes stories.
The last page contains links to websites that are relevant to Longshanks (e.g.: those of former members).

If you wish to contact Longshanks, please send an e-mail to info@longshanks.nl