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Bregje Kaasjager

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Name: Bregje Kaasjager
Date and place of birth: 9 December 1973, Barendrecht
Longshanks Member since: 2008


My introduction to music started when I was about six years old. I received my first ballet lesson and was instantly hooked. Totally sold on classical music: "Sleeping Beauty" and ofcourse "Swan Lake".
Later my interest in music due to the dancing expanded to Jazz ballet, modern dance and streetdance.

My father deemed the time right for him to start playing an instrument and piano was his choice. He bought himself a second hand Ibach with ivory keys and took lessons. I saw him wrestle and thought to myself:
"I can do that, and better too...". So at the tender age of nine I enroled. I was hooked instantly. Until I was 17, I played mostly classical pieces, by Bach, and lots of Jazz and Blues. My family became really fed up with "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel and I also played "Für Elise" more than once...

At the age of 11 I really started listening to music (because of my elder brother Sanne Kaasjager). I was mainly 'into' Madonna, Michael Jackson and Queen.

When I was 14, my brother played guitar in a band called 'The Unknown Fact' and oh, how cool I thought that was! I kept telling him that I also wanted to be in that band, as a singer. At last I was granted an 'audition', at which I was assisted by lead singer Alexandra den Heijer. It turned out I didn't have what it took to be part of this band, but I still became their biggest fan! In 1990 the band performed live in Barendrecht at the square in font of City Hall.

When I was 17 I went to college in Maastricht and dragged my piano along wherever I went. Even there I still received tutoring, though at that time it didn't have that much priority anymore.

In my last year at college (1996) I got the chance to play a part in the musical "Dubbelloops". Ik played the bitchy 'Antoinette' who silenced many with her venomous spot-on remarks. A part that fitted me like a glove.
It was during this period that I had my first studio experience: at the recording of the songs from the musical. I was scared to death and thrilled at the same time and I still like to listen to the end result nowadays.

At the end of 1996, I applied for a job at the ICT-consultancy company CMG, and there met the guy who is now my husband: Alex van de Graaf. After having tried our love for three months, I was ready to introduce Alex to the rest of my family, and so also to my brother. At some point Alex had to go 'wash his hands' and he returned from the toilet red faced and agitated. It turned out that my brother had a photograph on the wall of his 'washroom' from that gig of 'The Unknown Fact', which depicted Alex' ex-girfriend Alexandra (!). We soon found out that both I, Alex and André Kamer had all been in Barendrecht on that same day in 1990, at that square in front of City Hall, watching 'The Unknown Fact' perform. Talking about Fate!

Alex and I moved to Barendrecht in 1998, with the piano ofcourse. Unfortunately I didn't dare to really play there, as it had been such a while that I had and as I didn't want to bother the neighbours with my playing, fearing to become the nuisance of the neighbourhood.

This all changed when in 2005 we moved to our beautiful 1930's house. My piano is now situated at a terrific spot with great acoustics and I'm enthousiastically taking lessons again. From 2005 until now I have tried to experiment more myself, but it hasn't really worked well yet.

As told on the Longshanks 5 page at the History section, Longshanks has resurfaced/restarted with Alex and André getting together again. This inspired me so much that I also became involved. It worked out well with the three of us, The rest is history...

As you can read, all through my life I've been involved in music someway, somehow, and it has been and still is an essential part of my existance. I really wouldn't know what to do without it.

Bregje singing the backing-vocals for "The Web of Life".

Bregjes ballet shoes.

'The Unknown Fact' performing live in Barendrecht (Queensday 1990).

CD-booklet for the musical "Dubbelloops".

Detail from the photograph of the 'The Unknown Fact' gig: singer Alexandra next to guitar player Sanne!

Bregje in at work, 2006

Bregje with her Longshanks T-shirt.