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A-class IBACH Piano (built in 1920)

An original A-class IBACH piano with which the current piano tuner has been in love for the past ten years. Bought by my parents for a mere song at the end of the 70's. It has since accompanied me while I wandered from Barendrecht to Belgium and Maastricht (college), Den Haag and back to Barendrecht again. Indestructable.
I even still have the original 'old-Dutch' user manual from the 20's.

The soundboard, the ivory keys, the felt hammer heads, the pulls, the action and the hand wound strings have been renovated/replaced since 1998.





Medeli MC70 Keyboard

Professional 5 octave keyboard with 61 touch responsive full-size keys. 128 sounds with 32-note polyphony (max). 100 Rhythms with 2 variations. 100 programmed songs to listen to or to play along with. Optimized speaker system with bass-reflex. Record & playback functions. Connectors: headphones jack, MIDI Out port, Aux Out.






Wittner 808 metronome

A beautiful metronome for use with a clasic model piano. Wooden casing, oak brown, matte finish, without bell.





SE Electronics 1A-ST

The SE1A-ST is a precisely matched pair of precision small diaphragm condenser microphones, for making stereo recordings. These microphones are assembled with unparalled precision in a vacuum chamber (dust-free), tested to specifications and selected for pairing.
The SE1As are of the cardioid type and are primarely suited for all types of stereo recordings, but can also be used as overhead (drums, vocals and orchestras), for percussion, piano and acoustic stringed instruments.
The SE1A's come in a beautiful walnut case, complete with a stereo mounting bar.
Frequency response: 30Hz-20.000Hz.
Impedance: 300 Ohm. Maximum SPL 137dB.

Use: Recording piano.





SE Electronics MC1

Studio condenser microphone with superb sound quality. Can be used at high pressure levels (130dB max), from guitar cabinets to vocals.
Frequency response 20Hz to 20,000Hz.
Cardioid model, so insensitive to ambient noise.
Aluminum flightcase and U-shape stand mount included.

Use: All vocals (harmony & lead).




M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

USB2.0 Audio/midi interface 8x8 with first class sound quality, MX Core DSP mixer and 4 preamps with Octane technology. Connections: Midi I/O, 4x XLR microphone input with phantom power (+48V), S/Pdif I/O. Everything at 24bit/96kHz quality.

Use: Recording Vocals and Piano.





Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro - 250 Ohm

Ultimate monitoring headphones.
Closed system, so no interference by ambient noise.
Maximum SPL: 96dB.
Frequency response: 5Hz to 35.000Hz, linear, so extremely well-suited for use as mixdown monitor. Innovative bass-reflex system. These headphones are made for recording technicians and professional musicians.
Comes with a three meter cable, attached to one side,
and with an 3,5/6,35mm addapter and a leather case.

Use: (vocals & piano) monitor.





Recording set-up

The vocals and/or piano are recorded on a laptop (Windows-XP) using Adobe Audition.